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FODOR'S TRAVEL: 15 of the Best Italian Restaurants in the United States

Let’s get ready to mangia!

Are you craving some hand-made pasta, a bottle of Barolo, and maybe a little tiramisu to cap it all off? Luckily, you don’t have to go all the way to Italy in order to sample some of this exquisite cuisine. The United States is home to some incredible Italian restaurants where all you need is one bite to transport you from Bologna to Sicily.

Aldo Zaninotto and Chef Cameron Grant bring a rustic taste of Piemonte to Logan Square with Osteria Langhe. Zaninotto grew up between Belgium and Italy, and Grant has years of experience cooking Piedmontese food for Italian diners in Trieso. Rabbit is a staple in Piemonte and is known as the “chicken” of the region since actual chicken is not very common. At Osteria Langhe, Grant serves prosciutto-wrapped rabbit loins over creamy polenta with mixed mushrooms and black truffle jus. It’s the best rabbit in Chicago—mild in flavor, juicy, and delicious. The vitello tonnato and hand-pinched plin, a buttery egg yolk pasta stuffed with La Tur cheese, are also favorites.

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